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Train Your Child

This morning I read an article shared by a young mother in my former church, on the failure of so many Christian parents in raising children to obey. It was a sobering read, and it reminded me of 2 Timothy 3:1-3, which predicted that in the last days children would be “disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable.”

It is interesting how our society has come up with other ways to respond to children, which sadly has influenced Christian parents. One way is to bribe your child to obey. “If you share your toys, I will give you some candy.” Another way is to repeat your instruction, hoping that eventually your child will comply. And too many parents choose another response, simply letting their children do whatever they want. So why then, the failure by so many believing parents to “train your child “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4)?

Because that takes time and effort and commitment. And many parents are either too tired, too distracted, or too lazy to obey God’s word when it comes to their children.

The Lord says the parent who does not discipline his child hates him (Proverbs 13:24). Why? Because it is allowing your child to continue in sin, which has detrimental effects. Your child needs to understand both the importance of obedience as well as his need for Christ, the one who can forgive his disobedience and give him the ability to obey.

May the Lord give us the grace, wisdom and courage as parents to follow his ways in raising our children for his glory and our joy.

~Pastor Ron