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The Lord hears when I call to Him

Psalm 4 was written by David as he was experiencing yet another time of distress in his life. There are so many great truths and encouragements in this short psalm, but let me share one with you from verse three. David says

“the Lord hears when I call to Him.” Psalm 4:3

This is more than just God being aware of David’s prayer. This is the confidence of knowing that God will hear and act. Let me explain it this way: When my kids were young and I’d go playground with them, I would hear many voices calling, some of them saying, “Dad, come here,” or “Dad, help me!” I might look, but I wouldn’t do anything. But if my son or daughter would call “Dad!”, you bet I would respond! Why? Because of my relationship with them.

That is the right perspective you need to have, that the Lord will hear you when you call to Him, and He will act—not because your prayer is crafted in just the right way or because you have your spiritual life all wonderfully together, but simply because He is your heavenly Father and He loves you. May that be an encouragement to you today whatever you are going through and may you call to Him in expectant trust!
~Pastor Ron