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Special Day

I had to laugh when I read the resolution one man made.  Wanting to lose weight, he declared, “No more than one dessert a day, unless it’s a really, really, really special day.”  And then he added, “Of course, at my house every day is special.  How about yours?”

While I question how successful his weight loss strategy will be, I truly appreciate his perspective on life.  For the believer, every day is special.  Why?  Because every day is a gift to us from God, every day we can take confidence in His sovereign purpose, every day we can say with the psalmist, “Your love is better than life.”  The Lord is so good and has given us so much.  And in that encouragement, your joy can be full (John 15:11) and you can be used by Him to show His love to others.

I need that reminder and I’m willing to bet that you do too.  So let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, not our circumstances, and let’s live in His grace that has given us another special day to make the most of.

~Pastor Ron