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Vice President Mike Pence has been in the news lately because of a commitment he has in his marriage. I’m thankful for this man who is a great example for all of us. The bigger news is not so great. His approach to protecting the purity of his marriage has been mocked by a great member of the American people. This article gives much to think about: We Don’t Have a Trust Problem in Our Marriage. We Have a Sin Problem.

This has been time for me to again think about some of the safeguards Donna and I have set up in our marriage. We don’t meet with members of the opposite sex alone, I don’t counsel single women alone, we have each other’s passwords and are on each other’s e-mails, and Facebook accounts, we have Covenant Eyes for our devices and try to keep up with technology as much as we can to understand how it can help and hinder our relationship. Donna was talking to one of our members this morning and she had mentioned how she always copies the wife on every text message she sends. This is a good idea which I am going implement. So if you are a woman, you know now my text messages and emails will be copied to Donna!

Proverbs 4:23 exhorts, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” There is much grief that can be avoided and much blessing that can be received as we think through and act on how we can do this. By God’s grace may we guard our hearts—and the blessings God has given us—as we walk in wisdom and pursue purity.

~Pastor Ron

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