Our Mission:
Connecting with God through Christ
Loving one another in Christ
Reaching our world for Christ


Many years ago when I began my ministry as pastor, there were many books advocating the need to craft a vision. These voices called for imagination and creativity to devise and direct the focus of a church’s ministry. As I thought about it, it seemed to be the wrong approach. Instead, I believed the right approach was to look to the word of Christ to discover His vision for His church.

I studied the New Testament—in particular, John 15, where the Lord speaks to the apostles, the future leaders of His church. In that chapter, He focuses on three relationships. It struck me then and it continues to thrill me that the three great priorities of God for His people are relationships:

• Connecting with God through Christ (through individual walk and corporate worship)
• Loving one another in Christ (through receiving and giving ministry)
• Reaching our world for Christ (through local evangelism and global missions)

These are the blessings God has given us—to grow in our relationship with the Lord, to grow in loving one another, and to reach out to those who do not know Christ. May we not allow these precious priorities to be crowded out by other diversions and activities. Pray with me that the Lord would give us wisdom and grace so that we would be faithful and fruitful.

With gratitude and grace, Pastor Ron