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A few weeks ago I spoke on the way God works in the world, in what theologians call providence.  Ephesians 1:11 says that God “works all things after the counsel of His will.”  God takes all of the infinite number of actions and reactions of countless people in all kinds of situations and circumstances and He weaves them perfectly into His great purposes.  Only an all-knowing, all-powerful God could do something as so amazing as this.


Jong-su was a woman living in North Korea.  Because of the economic hardships of her country, she had to earn additional money illegally or starve.  When she rejected the marriage proposal of her boyfriend, he threatened to report her illegal trading business to the government.  If convicted, she faced the possibility of 15 years to years to life in a concentration camp.  Her mother insisted that she leave the country for two years, returning after her boyfriend got over his anger.  A neighbor assured her that she could arrange to smuggle her into China and that Jong-su could live near the North Korean border so she could occasionally see her mother.  The neighbor took her to a small mud hut that belonged to a Chinese man and she realized that she had been sold as a wife to this man.  Months later she learned that she was pregnant and it seemed that she was trapped in this nightmare.  But God was working.  Jong-su met other North Korean women who, like herself, had been sold as a wife.  One of them introduced her to a South Korean woman, who gave her a Bible and began sharing the gospel with her.  What she read in Matthew and Romans touched her heart, and she placed her faith in Christ.  It was the first time she had ever felt freedom in her heart.  Full of joy, Jong-su immediately began telling other trafficked women from North Korea about Jesus.  Her Chinese husband noticed great changes in her behavior and soon he also came to faith in Christ.  They began working together to share the gospel with trafficked North Korean women and their Chinese husbands.  Many of the women and their husbands came to Christ through their faithful witness.  God continued to work in amazing ways, bringing Jong-su’s mother to Christ and reuniting them when her mother was exiled.  They discovered that 30 other Christians live in village and worship in the nearby mountains.


I love this story because only God can do this—only He can work through even the worst of circumstances to bring the best of His blessing!  Whatever difficulty you face, take confidence and hope, trusting that the Lord will work through it for His glory and your good.

~Pastor Ron


(If you missed the message on the fascinating way that God works through providence, you can watch or listen here)

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