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My Cup Overflows

Psalm 23 is a well-known Scripture that begins with the words, “The Lord is my shepherd.”  After expressing blessing after blessing, David says at the end of the psalm, “My cup overflows.”  What does this mean?  Water is essential for sheep, and where there are no streams for the sheep it must be drawn from a well.  Wells could be deep, sometime one hundred feet down to reach water.  This would mean a lot of work for the shepherd—hauling a rope attached to a bucket that would hold less than a gallon of water.  The shepherd would then pour the water into a large stone cup beside the well.  Depending on size of flock, a shepherd could spend more than two hours in the difficult process of drawing water.  And so it would be a very kind and compassionate shepherd that would satisfy his thirsty sheep with an overflowing cup.

The point David is making is that’s the way the Lord is—He loves you, He knows what you need and He gives, not reluctantly, not meagerly, but lavishly.  He is the God who gives the encouragement you need (Romans 15:5, 13).  So how is your cup today?  Is it running low?  Is it almost empty?  Rejoice in the thought that the Lord delights to fill it to overflowing as you trust Him, and draw near to Him to receive the refreshment you need for your thirsty soul.

~Pastor Ron

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