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Meet Our New Pastor

Associate Pastor Sam MathewsWe are rejoicing in God’s goodness in Sam Mathew joining Family Heritage Church as our Pastor of Administration and Counseling. In his testimony, Sam shares,

I grew up in a Christian home. Both my parents are believers. They nurtured us in the fear of the Lord. My dad was my Sunday school teacher and he made it a point to take his three children to Sunday school every single Sunday. Our lives revolved around the Church on Sundays. I remember raising my hands at every invitation that was given either at the Sunday school or VBS. But growing up as a young man, I realized my depravity, and my fallen nature. I needed a Savior. In His mercy, He opened my eyes to understand the gospel that was preached to me. He regenerated me and transformed me, and I repented of my sins. I trusted in Christ as my Lord and Savior. As I grew spiritually, my desire for full time ministry intensified. I looked for every opportunity to learn God’s Word and serve in whatever position the Lord brought my way. I underwent a three-year training in Apologetics with Ravi Zacharias Academy in India. I preached and taught at various churches, camps, and retreats. In my secular profession, I worked as an Aircraft Engineer with Air India. It was then that the Lord’s calling on my life for full time ministry became all the more evident and clear. In the year 2001, we immigrated to the United States and I joined The Master’s Seminary and pursued my theological education at the seminary from 2002-2012. In 2006, I was employed by Desert Christian Academy to be the Bible/History Teacher and have been teaching full time with DCA for ten years. I have been preaching and teaching since 2006. I’ve been married for 22 years to my bride Vivy. We have two boys, Christie and Georgie who are currently pursuing their undergraduate degree in Engineering from UCLA.

May the Lord continue to bless Sam and Vivy in their new church home, and may this new union bear much fruit for God’s glory!

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