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Love Is More Than Feelings

In 1 John 3:18, the apostle writes,

“Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.” 

Some time ago my seminary president, Pastor John MacArthur, was given what he says was one of the most encouraging letters he’s ever received.  It came from a college student who was a Sunday school teacher.  She wrote, “I have a class of junior–aged girls. I kept telling myself I loved them, I loved their little curls and I loved their little smiles and I loved their pretty dresses.  I just loved the fact that they were sweet little girls.  And then one day I came to the realization that I was spending about ten minutes preparing my lesson and I realized that I didn’t love them at all because I made no sacrifice to bring them the greatest gift that I could bring them, which was the truth of God’s Word.  I got on my knees before God and confessed my unloving attitude.  I realized that I had emotional feelings for those little girls, but had not yet learned to love them.  Love means preparing diligently to give them my best.  Love is more than feelings.  Love means that we follow our good intentions with good deeds, even if it meant I couldn’t go to the football game, or some other campus activity.

 This Sunday we will be looking to God’s word to better understand what it means to love, to go beyond mere feelings in order to love in action and in truth.  Pray with me that the Lord will teach us and empower us to live lives of love as He has called us.

~Pastor Ron