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Keeping Your Distance

In John 13:34 the Lord says these simple yet very profound words—“Love one another.”  He repeats that again and again to them, and throughout the New Testament His apostles also write of the importance of loving one another.  We would all agree with this, but here’s the reality—that is a challenge, especially living in a society where people keep their distance.  How can you love someone you don’t know?  How can you bear someone’s burden when you don’t know what the burden is?  How can you pray for someone when you don’t know what’s going on in their life?  How can you encourage someone with whom you have no interaction? When I went to Israel years ago on a seminary study one of the most interesting things I learned was about the ancient temple.  I was told that there was main entrance and a main exit—one entrance going into the temple and another different exit going out.  It was standard practice to enter the temple through one way and then afterward to leave through another way. But there was one exception.  Any idea what it was?  If you were experiencing a great affliction, you would enter through the exit gate and then exit through the entrance gate.  Do you know why?  Because you would be instantly noticeable going against the flow of people.  And if an acquaintance or friend saw you doing this, he would immediately know something was wrong.  And your friend could take that opportunity to show compassion, to pray for you, to encourage you. I’ve often thought how great it would be if we had something like that today.  We don’t, but here’s what we do have.  We have small groups in our church, so you can get to know others, to encourage and be encouraged.  We have many opportunities for involvement in ministry.  We have a family of believers ready to love you if you will let them.  But you must take the first step. Don’t miss out on this blessing of living the life of faith with brothers and sisters who love you.  If you have been keeping your distance, ask the Lord for His help to make this new year different, ask one of our pastors or elders what step you can take in order to experience the joy of loving one another.

~Pastor Ron

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