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Highlight Of The Week

I don’t know about you, but Sunday mornings are the highlight of my week. There is a song we sing that goes,

“Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere” (taken from Psalm 84:10),

and for me this is absolutely true. What can compare with the unique joy of coming before God as His people to hear His word, to sing His praises, and to receive His grace? There is no other place I’d rather be. I’ve even cut my vacations short in order to be back at Family Heritage Church in worship. What a blessing God has given us!

Years ago a young man in my church left to attend seminary and become a pastor in Virginia. Since then he wrote an insightful article, “Sunday through a Pastor’s Eyes.” Let me encourage you to take a moment to read it . And as you do, let me say again how very thankful I am for the wonderful privilege of being your pastor.


With gratitude and grace, Pastor Ron

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