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Children Of God

In Psalm 131:2, David expresses his trust in the Lord in an intriguing way.   He prays,

“Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; Like a weaned child rests against his mother, my soul is like a weaned child within me.”

Children are born self-centered and self-willed.  They have one overriding concern—their own needs.  A hungry, nursing child is not a peaceful child, but rather, a squirming, fussing, crying child.  Spiritually, many adults are like this.  They are not peaceful and content, but squirm and fuss in anxiety, anger, and frustration.  That is a God-dishonoring way to live.  That is a sad way to stumble through life.

In contrast, a weaned child is a child who has taken an important step of growth, a child who no longer demands and cries for food, wanting it now, demanding that mother stop whatever she is doing to bring that milk.  A weaned child is no longer given to outbursts of self-will, no longer fretting and fussing.  This is a child who is quiet and at peace, trusting his mother, experiencing contentment in the presence of the parent, not just what he wants the parent to give him.

Spiritually, this is the child of God who trusts his compassionate heavenly Father.  This is the believer who doesn’t fuss when he doesn’t get what he wants or is made to wait, who doesn’t fret because of the challenging circumstances in his life.  That is a wonderful way to live.  May you experience that peace and contentment as you cast your cares on the Lord, as you trust Him to provide everything you need in His wise and loving time.

~Pastor Ron