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Blessing Awaits

In reading Psalm 119 the other day, I came across an intriguing word picture in verse 162; “I rejoice at your word, as one who finds great spoil.” Do you know what spoil is? It is the plunder that soldiers take after victory in war. Why would the psalmist use this comparison? The similarity is with the joy of receiving a bounty—the abundance of goods after battle and the abundance of God’s blessing found in His word. But why didn’t the psalmist use the word gold or silver as he did elsewhere (verses 72, 127)? Is there something in that word spoil that is not conveyed in other words of treasure? Could it be that, just like spoil is only received after a hard-fought battle, so the treasures of God’s word necessitate a fight? Living in a world of distractions requires fighting to keep time in God’s word a priority, struggling to study and understand Scripture, battling to appropriate the truths of what God has revealed. But the effort and perseverance are so richly rewarded—the blessings of wisdom, guidance, correction, and encouragement. May all these be yours as you continue to seek the Lord in His word!
~Pastor Ron

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