Our Mission:
Connecting with God through Christ
Loving one another in Christ
Reaching our world for Christ

Agape Fund


Family Heritage Church seeks to minister to both the spiritual and the physical needs of Church members. The Agape Fund contains a limited budget for providing financial help to members in need. The following guidelines have been established for the use of the Agape Fund.

Bear one another’s burdens and thus fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2)

AGAPE is a Greek word for love. It signifies self-sacrificing love. It is a reflection of the love Jesus has shown to us, and as believers, we should show to others.

The purpose of the fund allows the church body to:

  • Glorify God by serving Him and his people, and
  • Allow the church family to help other overcome unique financial circumstances so they can become self-sufficient.

With the goal of self-sufficiency in mind, while FHC desires to assist with immediate needs, we want to ensure steps are taken by the applicant towards sustainable independence.

The fund enables the church to provide financial aid to church individuals or families who are in need on an urgent basis and where there are no other viable financial options. Assistance may include but is not limited to the necessities of life such as rent, mortgage, utilities, food, medical bills, etc. We do not help with childcare, long-term or chronic medical, credit card, taxes or legal expenses

Eligibility Criterion

Agape funds are designed to serve members of the church body or people that are “regular attendees”.   The term “regular attendees”, as pertaining to this policy, is defined as those who have attended at least 50% of the Church services for the previous three (3) months.

The Agape Fund is not intended to provide for those in need who are outside the church.


Personal and financial information obtained by the deacons or the church officers will be used to assist the family in the way deemed best by the deacons and church officers. As such disclosure of certain information may be necessary in order to provide the necessary assistance requested. By completion of the attached form, you acknowledge our right to disclose information as we deem necessary.

Application Process

A “Need Assessment Form” must be completed for any amount above $99 (either requested at one time or accrued within a one month period). Applicants may obtain this form at the church office during normal business hours or by downloading it below. The church officers will review the application and choose a course of action within one week. The church officers may request additional information, and in such cases the applicant may be asked to come in for an interview prior to a final decision. The church officers may choose an amount different from the amount requested by the applicant.


If I (or someone I know) need help, how can I get it?
Contact any one of the Agape ministry team members.

What will the church do?
It depends on the need expressed. Often times, a gift card for groceries is given. Nutritious food boxes are readily available. Checks for utilities and medical needs are sometimes written. A sympathetic ear and godly counsel are provided. Sometimes needs are referred to the church family for specific action and assistance. And, sometimes referrals are given to outside agencies who are more equipped to help for certain needs.

Will my request be kept confidential?
Probably not. You can be confident that we will be discreet and caring. But, be aware that more than one person is always involved in meeting these needs. Sometimes more people need to be involved to adequately respond to a need.

Do I have to be a church member to receive assistance?
No, but generally Agape assistance is reserved for persons active, regularly involved in the church family. The church helps people not involved with the church family, but usually not through the means available to the Agape ministry.

What should I do if the church can’t help me?
We will come along side and help in any way we can. A list of outside agencies is provided in this brochure.

For more information please contact our church office